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June's Journey Hidden Talents - Introduction

WIN A TRIP TO WOOGA STUDIOS IN BERLIN, GERMANY! Calling all champions! We want to see your hidden talents and love for June’s Journey. Bake a cake...

Women at Zynga | Kathryn Avery Fireside Chat

Women at Zynga welcomed fitness coach and motivational speaker, Kathryn Avery to Zynga's HQ for a fireside chat. Topics included the importance of...

Zynga's India Studio | New Office Opening

Zynga Expands its India Studio and Moves into New Office in Bengaluru! Zynga’s India studio currently has exciting career openings across Product...

Live Duels - Monster Legends

Live Duels is a new and competitive PvP (Player versus Player) mode where you can battle in real time against other players. There is a twist,...

Zynga 2019 Intern Tunnel Takeover | Animation Collection From PJ

A collection of animations built by PJ Solomon and the other interns. 1. Partying With The Slack Parrot 2. Binary values flow around the tunnel...

Solitaire Klondike

Relic crafting UPDATE

From now on, you will be able to craft Relics. You can sacrifice Relics of all qualities (even mixed) in order to get the one you're looking for....

Join Pearl's Peril Adventure Clubs today!

Play with friends to earn points, win rewards and complete quests in Pearl's Peril! Now available to all players — no Facebook account needed! See...

Women At Zynga Spotlight Panel | Equality for Women Across the Entertainment Industry

Spotlight: Equality for Women Across the Entertainment Industry Inspiring female leaders Trisha Yearwood, Rebecca Covington Webber, Sarah Lacy,...

FarmVille Turns 10 | Zynga

What started in 2009 as a farming game is now a global community of farmers

Empires & Puzzles | Hunter's Lodge Expansion

An epic expansion is now available in Empires & Puzzles! Features include multiple base updates, increased Stronghold Levels and a new building...

Tiny Royale | Launch Trailer

Tiny Royale™ is a top-down multiplayer shooter that reinvents the battle royale experience for the Snapchat platform. Tiny Royale™ lets players...

Farmville: Surprise

Your Favorite animals got a makeover. Check out their cute new looks and new animations in the latest expansion on June 3rd.

All about your Pearl's Peril Passport!

Join Game Designer Allan as he walks us through the new Passport feature and what's in store for Pearl this summer.

Adventure Isle

Discover hidden treasures & learn about these lost cities! You cannot survive this alone. Gather your mates and enter Adventure Isle on 6th May, 2019!

Farmer’s Clan

Here's a sneak peak of the amazing Farmers Clan coming your way on 29th April, 2019!

A Beginner's Guide to June's Journey

Join us as we start a new game of June's Journey! We'll look at all the aspects of gameplay and begin the adventure with June!

Friendly Live Battles - Monster Legends

Behold, a new era of Monster Legends has arrived. The Friendly Live Battle feature here! Challenge your teammates and friends in real time and...

Zynga Poker | Spin & Win

Are you ready to play Poker?! Check out Zynga’s latest feature!

Elemental Cell improvements - Monster Legends

Dr. Viktor has been working on his secret project for the past few weeks and he's finally ready to reap the success! For more information visit...