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Adventure Isle

Discover hidden treasures & learn about these lost cities! You cannot survive this alone. Gather your mates and enter Adventure Isle on 6th May, 2019!

Farmer’s Clan

Here's a sneak peak of the amazing Farmers Clan coming your way on 29th April, 2019!

A Beginner's Guide to June's Journey

Join us as we start a new game of June's Journey! We'll look at all the aspects of gameplay and begin the adventure with June!

Friendly Live Battles - Monster Legends

Behold, a new era of Monster Legends has arrived. The Friendly Live Battle feature here! Challenge your teammates and friends in real time and...

Zynga Poker | Spin & Win

Are you ready to play Poker?! Check out Zynga’s latest feature!

Elemental Cell improvements - Monster Legends

Dr. Viktor has been working on his secret project for the past few weeks and he's finally ready to reap the success! For more information visit...

How to Play Pearl's Peril's New Feature: Iris's Eyes

Talk about an adventure! We're going someplace very special to help explain our new feature, Iris's Eyes! This new game mode for Pearl's Peril...

Iris's Eyes: Scene 1

Discover the latest addition to Pearl's Peril!

Iris's Eyes Official Trailer! Available now!

Pearl's Peril is celebrating 6 years of adventure with their new feature: Iris's Eyes! Check out the new levels, get free gifts, and join the...

Coming soon to Pearl's Peril!

Are you ready to see Pearl's Peril like never before? This special anniversary update will be available on March 5th!

New Status Effect: Mega Taunt

Introducing a new groundbreaking skill with the Mega Taunt status effect, making a Monster into a true tank. Do you think it will bring new...

Iphone Spades Video


Monster Legends - Treasure Cave

Pandalf finally moved the stones and the cave is OPEN. Monster Masters, it's time to EXPLORE it! Make sure you have downloaded version 7.7 to see...

Team Wars Tutorial - Monster Legends (New version)

Want to learn more about Team Wars in Monster Legends? This video explains everything about how this feature works. Join a Team, Level up your...