STG Weekly #127: Radio Zonde

Extruderx, Yace and nasty_wolverine join to talk Radio Zonde: the spiritual prequel to Hellsinker from Inudon Empire. RZ is a free PC fan game with a wide option for gameplay. We look at survival and scoring replays, talk gameplay, mechanics and the game itself. Radio Zonde is awesome!

PC Game download (run in Windows 98 compatibility mode):
-Clink 'Radio Zonde', click green button, click green button to DL.

Shmups forum Radio Zonde guide:

Artwork credit:

RZ Blue-hair girl(?) courtesy of Geeko of French Youtube Shmup show: 1-Sissy.

Check out their Radio Zonde video!

Video credits:

Touring mode Khyh 1cc Survival by Yace:

Touring mode Mahilo 1cc Scoring by kazu:

UTN mode w/ Khyh by Yace:

X_PSY mode w/ Khyh by ripazhakgggdkp:


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Recorded live on 8-6-17 on