STG Weekly #128: Change Air Blade

An AWESOME Versus Shmup, featuring PvP gameplay and ALL BOSSES -- It's Change Air Blade! SFKhoa & shoe-sama join us to talk gameplay mechanics, features and nuance!

Play PvP Change Air Blade with Kaillera!:

1. Get Kaillera MAME:
2. Get p2p Kaillera dll and replace it in Kaillera MAME:
3. Host needs to port forward UDP 27886 on their router to their private ip and add exception for outbound/inbound UDP 27886 on host machine firewall.
Other person connects to [host public ip(their IP)]:27886

Video credits:

PvP gameplay with shoe & Khoa:

Boss attacks demonstration (cool!):

shoe-sama's any% speedrun:

shoe-sama's any% speedrun with Sylph:


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Recorded live on 8-20-17 on