Ultimate General Civil War 1.0 | Union | Part 4 | River Crossing

Lets Play Ultimate General: Civil War full 1.0 release as the Union! Ultimate General: Civil War is a tactical wargame, immersing players into the bloodiest period of U.S. history, the American Civil War 1861-1865. Choose your side, build your army and progress through multiple historical and speculative battles. At the time of this recording version 1.04 was released, being updated to 1.05 part way in.

Watch the entire series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4GdZmIk_dI&list=PLLqrxEC8a7xYoq0hwH9sUkH0mukMou4bL

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Ultimate General Civil War 1.0 | Union
Ultimate General Civil War 1.0 | Union
Ultimate General Civil War 1.0 | Union