Ingenica's Myth Episode 3

When Ingenica was a girl, Captain Copperbeard was her idol, so her first artifact was an homage to him. Sweeperion is a machine created to avoid having to spend time cleaning instead of playing around with tools. Years later, Sweeperion is still keeping Ingenica’s Forge clean.

Starts 29.11.2017 12pm (CEST), Ends 04.12.2017 12pm (CEST)
To successfully finish this phase and get the assistant, you must collect at least 10 Sweeperion scrolls.

IMPORTANT: Remember to restart the game to get the reward pop up after collecting 10 scrolls.

Scrolls will be available in:
The Keeper’s Fables Progressive Island
Monsterwood Happy Hour
Griffex Dungeon
Food Time Challenge

If you are not able to collect 10 Sweeperion scrolls during the first phase or would like to get more Sweeperions, you can always buy a time-limited chest that contains scrolls after the first phase finishes.

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