Cryotan Premier Monster

Ouros and Igursus had a brother so fearsome they locked it up on the frozen wastes... but now this unstoppable, near immortal killing machine has been set free.
No matter how big the hit, Cryotan can take it: Ranking among the Top 3 highest life monsters, Cryotan can increase its survivavility even more by deploying massive shields and doubling its life.
And the longer it lives, the bigger the menace: similarly to Ouros, its special skill will cast a Instant Kill Chance among enemies... which means a 20% chance of automatically sending to the grave any living opponent, no questions asked. Not scary enough? Those that survive will suffer a Reaper Countdown, dying in 3 turns unless they clean their negative status effects, because NOBODY runs away from Cryotan.
But if you really want to make your rivals run away, equip it with some stamina runes... that will allow Cryotan to unleash its ultimate weapon: an area Megafreeze which will keep enemies frozen for 2 turns, which will render the enemy team defenseless. The most expensive stamina skill in Monster Legends, and totally worth it!

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