SEND US EGGS! Pokemon Platinum Randomizer EggLocke CageLocke EP01 w/ MunchingOrange and aDrive

A New Adventure has begun! Munch and aDrive are back!
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Welcome to the Pokemon Platinum Randomizer EggLocke CageLocke featuring MunchingOrange and aDrive! In this series Munch and aDrive will face off in an incredible, randomized journey through the Sinnoh region using Eggs that you send us! Be sure to show your support and get ready for an amazing journey!

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1. Standard Nuzlocke / Egglocke Rules
---Catch the first Pokemon you encounter on each route
---Swap out captured Pokemon for Eggs (Rare Candy Hatched Pokemon to same level as captured Pokemon)
---Nickname all Pokemon
---If a Pokemon faints, it must be released.
2. This is not a race! We will play at generally the same pace
3. Pokemon can NOT be switched with PC Pokemon
4. After each Gym Battle, we will face off in the CageMatch!
---Each Player sends 1 Pokemon into the Cagematch
---Pokemon will be adjusted to lv50
---Pokemon can only be sent in a Cagematch two times max
5. The Losing Pokemon in the Cagematch is released
6. The Winning Pokemon chooses ONE of THREE rewards!
---Unlimited TM Usage for that Pokemon
---Unlimited Held Item Usage for that Pokemon
---1 Free Revival for that Pokemon from an in-game Faint

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Pokemon Owned By Nintendo GameFreak.
This video is owned by aDrive and MunchingOrange, unless
images/music specified in above description.

Footage recorded for fair use and intended for
educational purposes, the art of battling and other stuff!