10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of May 2018 #3

So many awesome games are coming out every day on both Android and iOS, check out what May 2018 had in store with these best new Android & iOS games.

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#10- Lost Hoirzon 2 ($5.99)
Android https://fave.co/2x0bXjd
iOS https://fave.co/2Kz6x0t

#9- Among the Stars ($4.99)
Android https://amzn.to/2GtL06O
iOS xxx

#8- Fire Escape VR (Free)
Android https://fave.co/2rP5QJi
iOS xxx

#7- Scalak ($1.99)
Android https://fave.co/2rQ8MW2
iOS https://fave.co/2wQ2URF

#6- Arcane Straight (Free)
Android https://fave.co/2rPCbj3
iOS https://fave.co/2x0cfXl

#5- Returners (Free)
Android https://fave.co/2k7Vno9
iOS https://fave.co/2wQCJdF

#4- Odium To The Core ($2.99)
Android https://amzn.to/2Lbnwaj
iOS https://fave.co/2k5WDYJ

#3- Bombarika (Free)
Android https://fave.co/2rP1txI
iOS https://fave.co/2rOZklY

#2- Animal Super Squad($4.99)
Android https://fave.co/2k7Joa8
iOS https://fave.co/2KzFxxL

#1- Eqqo ($6.99)
Android https://fave.co/2Kva5R2
iOS xxx

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