STG Weekly #163: Eden's Aegis

Guest blossom talks to us about Eden's Aegis by x.x Game Room. A bullet hell fan game that features bullet cancelling gameplay in the vein of Cave's Esp series (Galuda, Ra.De etc). We view two original mode scoring runs and a hell mode 1 credit clear and talk about what makes Eden's Aegis. Original mode shows a scoring system that's easy to approach and hell mode: a survival challenge that's chock-full-o bullets.


Video credits:

Original Eve, score: 214 million by PTR:

Original Nanathy Wait Off 156,867,550 by TPY:

Hell Mode ALL! Clear (Wait Off) by Jaimers:

Accel Mode sample gameplay from Berg - NuKo:


Audio credits:

Ginga Force Complete Soundtrack - SuperSweep Records


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Recorded live on 3-12-19 on