Awesome Game Replays #30: N++

We're joined by veteran N++ players golfkid and xela to talk N++: an inertia based platformer that started in Flash in 2004 and is now available on modern systems. They go over the specific game mechanics and various speedrun and score techniques as we view high level replays from various players to demonstrate this. This includes a co-op speedrun as well as showing various challenge stages. They also discuss the community of N++ and some of their personal experiences playing the series over the years. N++ is awesome!

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Video credits + additional videos:

Thank you to all of the players and their respective footage used in this video: xela, golfkid, sunruibt, ababab777, Hitfreezy, MoleTrooper, Kostucha, Overlordk, fnyt, MrSpruceTree, and Alpha Espy

The aforementioned showdown of Raigan (gamedev) vs Golfkid:

Special thanks to nasty_wolverine for rendering the challenge video footage.

BGM: N++ Soundtrack


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Recorded live on 3-18-19 on