STG Weekly #164: Black Bird

Guests Sean_A and fogg_manatic join us to talk about how the game mechanics and scoring work, as well as comment on a Secret Ending run [ENDING CENSORED] and a 49.9 Million scoring run.

Black Bird from Onion Games hits the STG scene late 2018 with a unique take on the basic Fantasy Zone style game. A twist of quirky macabre in its setting and soundtrack, in a highly detailed world... Black Bird features a deep combo/multiple kills scoring system behind it's simple gameplay concept. Power up the bird with gems and crack jars for bombs, speed or life ups! Black Bird is awesome!

Purchase Black Bird on Steam for PC/Mac OS X:

Purchase Black Bird on the Nintendo Switch E-Shop!


Video credits:

True Mode ALL Clear (Secret Ending Spoilers) by Jaimers:

True Mode ALL Clear - 49.9 Million points by Sean_A:


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Recorded live on 3-31-19 on