STG Weekly #165: Zen-Ichi

Joined by guest shoe. We talk about the mechanics and scoring in Zen-Ichi, a limited release indie shmup by Equinox Development. We view 2 scoring runs of normal mode with 2 different ship types in a 72 mil run by shoe, and a 101 mil run by ???. Currently the game is unavailable for download or purchase but you can play a trial version, links below! Equinox Development is currently working on a remastered version of the game entitled Zen-Ichi -MOON REVENGE- and we can't wait to try it.

Zen-Ichi is Copyright (C) 2000-2004 Equinox Development All Rights Reserved.

Zen-Ichi trial version:

Zen-Ichi -MOON REVENGE- blog updates:

Equinox Development Twitter @Equinox_Info (Let them know you're excited for Zen-Ichi -MOON REVENGE-!):


Video Credits:

72 million run by Shoe (gold ship):

101 million run by ??? (blue ship):


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Recorded live on 4-7-19 on