Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground Career Mode | Part 5 | Manned Minmus Lander SUCCESS

Let's play Kerbal Space Program live with the new DLC, Breaking Ground! This playthrough will be be with Iron Man setting. No mid mission loading. All deaths are permanent. Join me Saturday's on Twitch to join in the fun, and have a mission named after you!

Watch the entire series here:

Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion is the second expansion for the PC version of the critically acclaimed space flight simulator, Kerbal Space Program. This feature-rich expansion is focused on increasing the objective possibilities once celestial bodies have been reached by adding more interesting scientific endeavors and expanding the toolset.

After landing on a celestial body, a variety of data collecting equipment can now be deployed to conduct scientific experiments. While gathering that data, newly added surface features have been scattered across the solar system, which players will need to go out in search of to either scan or bring back to Kerbin for further examination.

Additionally, robotic parts are being added! A hinge, piston, rotor, and rotational servo in various sizes will be accessible to massively alter the possibilities of players’ crafts. These all operate under realistic physics with real forces and torque, electricity consumption, and even motor mass.

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Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground Career Mode
Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground Career Mode
Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground Career Mode

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